Yoga For BJJ

Yoga For BJJ is the brainchild of BJJ Black belt & former IBJJF & UAEJJF World Champion, Sebastian Brosche and his wife and Yoga expert, Stine Hegre. They have taken the benefits of traditional Yoga and distilled it down to focus on the aspects that directly apply to and most benefit BJJ practitioners.

Professor Rob discovered the Yoga for BJJ program and immediately noticed the improvements in how he felt both on and off the mats. After a short time, he became so passionate about the program he completed his instructor training and is now a certified Yoga for BJJ Instructor. Since July 2020 Leduc Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been thrilled to offer Yoga for BJJ classes as the perfect complimentary program for BJJ athletes.

Yoga for BJJ is an invaluable tool to help increase mobility & flexibility, develop strength & balance and to help prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Grapplers need to take the time to care for and maintain their bodies so they can keep training longer and with less injuries.

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